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Barefooted Youth (1964)

Jo Doo-soo (Shin Seong-il), a member of a gang, comes across and helps Joanna (Um Aing-ran), a college student who is about to have her handbag robbed by the bullies on her way home. Joanna is a diplomat's daughter and living the life of the upper class; whereas, Jo Doo-soo wastes his days serving the gang. Attracted to one another because of their opposite lives, Doo-soo and Joanna quickly fall in love. Being a devout Christian, Joanna believes that if only Doo-soo changed his thoughts about the way he lives, he could be a new person...

Original Title: 맨발의 청춘

  • Kim Ki-duk
  • Kim Kee-duk
  • Année: 1964
  • Durée: 116 min.
  • Language: 한국어/조선말

Shin Seong-il

Jo Doo-soo

Um Aing-ran

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