Shorts Meet Shorts (2013)

EXIT Woo-hyun lives a small-time criminal life earning his life as a pick-pocket. He often pays attention to an arrow-shaped-tattoo of his girlfriend which is on the genital area. He calls it ‘the emergency exit.’ THE BODY Jung-su and Young-sun are a young couple. One new year’s eve, a movie director visits the couple’s house. Only the strong wind of the sea and slow time cross the living room and three people sense something…alive. WALTZING ON THUNDER Mi-jung just happens to meet a group of people who have survived from being struck by lightning. While becoming aware of her old wound, she takes part in a trip for lightning strikes ‘again’.

Original Title: 소설, 영화와 만나다

  • Lee Sang-woo
  • Park Jin-sung
  • Park Jin-seok
  • Lee Jin-woo
  • Année: 2013
  • Durée: 104 min.
  • Pays:
  • Language: 한국어/조선말

Bae Seul-ki


Han Joo-wan


Yoo So-hyeon


Shin Dong-mi


Choi Won-young

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