The Heart's Root (2000)

A Raiz do Coração (A Root of the Heart) is a Portuguese film set in the Lisbon during the festivities of Saint Anthony, the patron saint of lovers and the old town. The story is about Cato, a nationalist politician who is charismatic and unscrupulous. He obsessively pursues Silvia, a mystical and mysterious young transvestite whom he meets at the festival. When Silvia runs into Vicente, a policeman who arrests transvestites and threatens them, Silvia must look towards blackmail to save herself. Compromising photos of Cato start to emerge among opposition parties and he must do all in his power to save his political career.

Original Title: A Raiz do Coração

  • Paulo Rocha
  • Année: 2000
  • Durée: 118 min.
  • Pays:
  • Language: Português
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