Greedy Ghost (2012)

Is money everything? Would you give your life to be rich?

While working at a funeral parlour, Lim discovers a mysterious book that contains a "Book Spirit", which decides to gives him winning lottery numbers and financial advice. The winnings at first are meager, but as the their fortune increases, things start to get "complicated".

Original Title: Tan xin gui jian gui

  • Boris Boo
  • Année: 2012
  • Durée: 92 min.
  • Language: en

Kang Ching-Jung

Little Lim (a.k.a. Lin Dao Mei), a worker at a funeral parlour who discovers a "Wordless Script".

Henry Thia

Lao Hui, a bald Buddhist monk who is also a part-time grave digger.

Jesseca Liu

Xiaoqian, Ah Nam's girlfriend
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