St. Andrew's Girls (2003)

Somebody's gonna get kilt!

A small town is struck by scandal when Jennifer Walsh, a troubled teenager takes her own life. But things aren't always what they seem. In the weeks before her death, Jennifer is thrown into detention with a twisted trio of "bad girls," the moral rejects of an oppressive educational system at St. Andrew's Catholic High School. These outcasts quickly form a strange bond, but the delicate balance of their friendship is threatened after Jennifer uncovers one of the girl's criminal activities. When the girl learns that Jennifer has a secret of her own, all Hell breaks loose.

Original Title: St. Andrew's Girls

  • Andrew Warren
  • Année: 2003
  • Durée: 79 min.
  • Pays:
  • Language: English

Sabrina Culver

4 Breasted Martian
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